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Extended Perception of Echo for Strings, 1992 (ca 7'30'')

(8,8,8,8,4) or (6,5,4,4,4)
Dedicated to Ewelina


La Musique d'adieu pour orchester à cordes, 1993 (ca 13'30'')

Homage to Andrzej Krzanowski


Piece for String Orchestra, 1994/95 (ca 9')


Igor Stravinsky in memoriam

Piece for Orchestra, 1994/95 (ca 9')

Igor Stravinsky in memoriam


Trans-At-LAN-Tic, 2006 (ca 7'35'')

for symphony orchestra and tape



Ukiyo-e, 2012 (ca 12')

for string orchestra


Adagio - Krzysztof Penderecki in memoriam, 2020 (ca 8'),

for string orchestra



Symphony No. 1 "Un livre sur l'homme", 2020 (ca 22')

for a large symphony orchestra


Hommage a Roman Ingarden



Concerto 2000, 1999/2000 (ca 26')

for clarinet and symphony orchestra

(cl solo/3,3,3,3/4,2,2,1/2batt+tmp/ar/pfte/strings)


Chamber Concerto 2000, 1999/2000 (ca 26')

for clarinet and string orchestra

(cl solo/6,5,4,3,2) Concerto 2000 version for string orchestra


Meditation No. 1, 2010/11 (ca 15'30'')

for alto saxophone and symphony orchestra

(sax solo/3,3,3,3/4,3,3,1/batt (4esec)/ar/pfte/strings 16,12,9,8,6)


Malchera, 2014 (ca 16')

for harp and symphony orchestra

(ar solo/2,2,2,2/4,2,2,1/batt (4esec)/ar/pfte/strings16,12,9,8,6)


War Game, 2014/15 (ca 17')

Concerto for alto saxophone and large chamber ensemble

(sax solo/1,1,1,1/1,1,1,0/batt (2esec)/ar/pfte/strings 1,1,1,1,1)


Ukiyo-e No. 2, 2015 (ca 18')

Concerto for flute and symphony orchestra

(fl solo/2,2,2,2/4,2,2,0/batt (1esec)/target/strings)
Toru Takemitsu in memoriam


Ukiyo-e No. 3, 2016 (ca 19')

Concerto for cello and symphony orchestra

(vc solo/3,3,3,3/4,3,3,1/batt (3esec)/hp/pfte/strings)

Dedicated to Danjulo Ishizaka

Ukiyo-e No. 4, 2018 (ca 12')

for clarinet, French horn, piano and string orchestra

(strings 5,4,3,2,1)

Dedicated to Roman Widaszek, Tadeusz Tomaszewski and Joanna Domańska

Ukiyo-e No. 5, 2022 (ca 18’)

Concerto for clarinet and symphony orchestra

(cl solo/2,2,2,2/4,3,3,1/batt (3 esec)/pfte-cel/strings)

Dedicated to Roman Widaszek



Three Preludes, 1990 (ca 4')

for clarinet and piano

Dedicated to Paweł Szczyrba


Three dialogues, 1993/94 (ca 11'-12') 

for oboe and bassoon

ABC des Esefisg für Violoncello, Posaune, Harfe, Klavier und Schlagzeug, 1995 (ca 10')


In C, 1996 (ca 6')

for clarinet, viola (cello) and piano

Dedicated to Marek Stachowski


Ferragosto per tromba, pianoforte e batteria, 1997 (ca 17')

batt (3esec)
Dedicated to Gustaw Herling-Grudziński


Tribute To Miles, 1999 (ca 8'40'')

for trumpet and one percussionist


Reflection No. 1, 2003 (ca 9')

for string quartet


Strade di Venezia, 2005/6 (ca 11')

for flute, clarinet and bassoon


Dry Pieces, 2007/8 (ca 9')

for wind quintet


Reflection No. 3, 2013 (ca 10'30'')

for two pianos


Farewell, 2013 (ca 10'30'')

for cello and piano

Dedicated to Cracow Duo: Kalinowski & Szlezer

Dance of Death, 2013 (ca 5')

for clarinet and piano


Betelgeuse, 2014 (ca 10'30'')

for violin, cello and piano


Haiku No. 2, 2016 (ca 6')

for clarinet and piano

Dedicated to Barbara Borowicz

Reflection No. 4, 2016 (ca 13')

for flute, clarinet, cello, percussion and piano

(drums 1 performer: 2 suspended cymbals, 1 large tam-tam, vibraphone)
Dedicated to Toshio Hosokawa

Donghwasa, 2017 (ca 9')

for violin, sanjo gayageum and piano

Dedicated to Yoori Kim and Modern Ensemble

Death in Venice, 2017 (ca 8'30'')

for clarinet, cello and piano

Dedicated to Marek Żebrowski

Follow the White Rabbit, 2017 (ca 2'45'')

for two flutes

Reflection No. 5, 2018 (ca 23')

for clarinet and string quartet

Dedicated to Michel Lethiec

Reflection No. 6, 2019 (ca 11')

for clarinet and one percussionist

Dedicated to Barbara Borowicz and Bartosz Sałdan

Reflection No. 7, 2019 (ca 9')

for flute, clarinet, cello and piano

Alina Maria Yankova in memoriam

Mojave, 2019 (ca 10'20'')

for clarinet, cello, percussion and piano

(drums 1 performer: 1 suspended cymbal (large), rainstick, bamboo wind chimes, bass drum, vibraphone)

Dedicated to Marek Żebrowski

Adagio - Krzysztof Penderecki in memoriam, 2020/21 (ca 8')

for a string ensemble


9/11 Elegy, 2022 (ca 9')
for cello (or viola) and piano
Dedicated to Cracow Duo: Kalinowski & Szlezer

Daeguscape, 2023 (ca 10')

for violin, viola and cello

Dedicated to Modern Ensemble



Miniature, 1988 (ca 4')

for solo clarinet


For you, 1991 (ca 3')

for solo vibraphone

Dedicated to Kamil


Quasi Kwazi, 1994 (ca 2'45'')

for solo clarinet


Quasi Kwazi II, 1997 (ca 4'45'')

for solo clarinet


Quasi Kwazi III, 1998 (ca 7')

for solo clarinet


ForMS..., 2001 (ca 7')

for solo cello

Dedicated to Marek Stachowski


Reflection No. 2, 2005 (ca 4'22'')

for solo harpsichord

Prof. Marek Stachowski in memoriam


Haiku no. 3, 2018 (ca 7')

for flute

Dedicated to Natalia Jarząbek

Reflection No. 8, 2021 (ca 6')

for piano

Dedicated to Ignacy Lisiecki

Karatachi no Hana, 2022 (ca 5')
for piano

Hakushū Kitahara in memoriam



I remember..., 1992 (ca 9'30'')

for soprano and string quartet

text: Jan Kasprowicz


Four Love Lyrics, 1994 (ca 12')

for baritone and piano

text: Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer, Boleslaw Leśmian


Fuyu no sakura, 2011 (ca 11'25'')

old style song for mezzo-soprano and shamisen (or cello)

text: Shinkawa Kazue





Psalm 88, 1996 (9'50'')

for a cappella mixed choir (SS, AA, TT, BB)


Per diem clamavi in nocte coram te, 1996/97 (ca 11')

for a cappella mixed choir (SS, AA, TT, BB)

second version of Psalm 88


...similes esse bestiis, 1997 (ca 5')

for a cappella mixed choir (SS, AA, TT, BB)

text: Ecclesiastes


Psalm 23 (Dominus regit me), 2013 (6')

for a cappella mixed choir (SS, AA, TT, BB)





Haiku, 1991 (ca 12'30'')        

for voice, clarinet (EWI), processing and computer   


Nju Model, 1994 (ca 10')

for clarinet, processing and computer


Something underground, 1994 (ca 9')

for trumpet, viola, double bass, percussion and computer


Überraschung Cfaj, 1995/96 (ca 5')

for clarinet, processing, two synthesizers and computer


EXCH-33, 2002 (ca 7'30'')

for EWI (electronic wind instrument) and tape


Mahāmudrā, 2006 (ca 10'09'')

for electronic sounds


Beelden, 2006 (ca 15')

for amplified recorder, harpsichord and tape

Khynar, 2008 (ca 11')

for EWI and tape


Divine Words (Ramon del Valle-Inclan), 1998

dir. Bartosz Szydłowski


Herr Paul (Tankred Dorst), 1999

dir. Bartosz Szydłowski


La Fête (Sławomir Mrożek), 2000

dir. Bartosz Szydłowski


Phaedra's Love (Sarah Kane), 2001

dir. Bartosz Szydłowski


Legoland (Dirk Dobbrow), 2002

dir. Krzysztof Rekowski


Tattoo (Dea Loher), 2002

dir. Bartosz Szydłowski


Rabies Show (Paweł Jurek), 2003

dir. Bartosz Szydłowski


The Porn Generation (Paweł Jurek), 2003

dir. Bartosz Szydłowski


Testosterone (Andrzej Saramonowicz), 2005

dir. Piotr Urbaniak


Konrad the Machine (Mateusz Pakuła), 2011

dir. Bartosz Szydłowski


Enter the Dragon. Trailer (Mateusz Pakuła), 2011

dir. Bartosz Szydłowski


Anti-Annunciation (Maria Spiss), 2012

dir. Bartosz Szydłowski


Revenge is a woman (Paweł Kamza), 2012

dir. Paweł Kamza


In Silence - dir. Ewa Ewart (Production TVN SA), 2011


Awards for the film:


2011 - Alaska International Film Award (Kodiak Award)


2011 - Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills Film, Television and New Media Festival)

distinction in the category: Outstanding Excellence for a Documentary


2011 - Chicago International Film Festival - The Hugo Television Award

category award; the best socio-political documentary


2011 - Chicago, USA (Polish Film Festival in America)

special jury award for "exceptional artistic values and importance of the film"


2012 - Hamburg, Germany (World Media Festival)

award in the category: political documentary


2012 - Bethesda, Maryland, USA (CINE Golden Eagle Award)

award in the category: Professional Telecast News Division - International


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